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New E-Commerce Food Portal Set to Launch

Foodvision.com Inc. said it will launch a new food portal On Nov. 1 that will include a "informative, participatory and e-commerce driven applications."

Foodvision.com will include an online shopping mall offering specialty foods and consumer durable goods such as, microwaves, kitchenware and cook books.

The company said it is currently developing network alliances and affiliate programs with more than 100 manufactures and online sources.

Consumers, end users, resellers, and manufacturers will be provided with an auction forum to bid on and sell products of all sizes in all quantities.

The portal will include a Storefront package, with tools and templates included, which will allow any business to build and host an online food-related store.

"We are attempting to revolutionize the online food business, and status-quo performance is not an option," said Paul R. Smith, president and CEO.