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GlobalStreams.com Launches E-Audio Ad Solutions

GlobalStreams.com launched its E-Audio Ad Solutions Program recently at the Radio Ink Internet Radio Conference.

The business-to-business online marketplace will bring together Internet radio stations with advertisers seeking to more effectively reach the online market segment. Advertisers and e-businesses will now have the ability to advertise on a network of Internet radio stations with more than 3,000,000 unique streams per month and will soon be able to complete the audio ad buy online at the GlobalStreams.com Web site.

"By aggregating the top names in the Internet radio space into a centralized network, GlobalStreams.com has created the opportunity for advertisers, both large and small, to advertise on the Internet more effectively to an audience of significant, critical mass," said GlobalStreams.com Chief Executive Officer and Founder Michael T. Rechan.

In the online store, advertisers will be able to select from dozens of audio advertising packages that will place their message directly into the streams or prior to the broadcast of more than 110 Internet radio stations. Internet-only radio stations such as 3WK, OzRock (Australia), OzInDig (Australia), Loud Radio, Bomb Radio, Twangcast, ForeignTVRadio, MegaMix 96, Christian Pirate Radio, Day Pub, Sunlite-Radio, and Retro-Rock Radio have all joined the E-AUDIO Ad Solutions program.

GlobalStreams.com will also market the OnlineMusic.com syndicated radio network of more than 100 Internet radio broadcasts, including stations located in Canada, Australia, Germany, Ireland, England, Italy, Denmark, Spain, Argentina and France. GlobalStreams.com is pursuing additional stations and networks for the E-AUDIO Ad Solutions program in order to create a dynamic audio advertising marketplace for audio advertisers.

"We see audio advertising on the Internet as the easiest, most cost-effective way for businesses to represent themselves to a truly global community," Mr. Rechan said. "Radio industry experts have observed the increasing audience of Internet radio webcasters, but have also noted the lack of a viable revenue-generating business model. GlobalStreams.com will provide a unifying force in what has been an extremely fragmented industry."