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ePublicEye.com Signs E-Commerce Deal with La OpiniC3n

ePublicEye.com, an aggregator of customer satisfaction data on small to mid-sized e- companies, signed a deal with La OpiniC3n, a Spanish language newspaper serving the U.S. market, to help Spanish-speaking consumers find reliable Internet merchants.

The partnership has launched a Spanish version of ePublicEye.com's merchant monitoring and rating service. The service allows subscribing merchants to be monitored 24 hours a day for reliability and customer satisfaction.

Internet shoppers are then given access to consumer-generated reliability ratings that measure merchant performance in key areas, including management accessibility, safety of payment process, reliability of advertising claims, on-time delivery, customer support, refund policy, privacy practices, and comparative prices.

The service's primary focus is adding confidence to the Spanish speaking population's purchasing decisions on the Web and stimulating the inclusion of Spanish speaking merchants into e-commerce.

According to the Bureau of the Census' Current Population Reports 1995-2050, the U.S. Latino population is estimated at over 30 million and projected to grow at 10 times the rate of other ethnic groups.

"This is a huge and vastly under served market on the Internet. We are committed to ensuring that the Hispanic community has access to the best resources and information for making safer purchases online," said Errol Smith, co-founder of ePublicEye.com.

Under the terms of the agreement ePublicEye.com and La OpiniC3n will co-promote the service, and share in the revenues generated from subscription fees and enhanced services.

La OpiniC3n, founded in 1926 in Los Angeles, circulates throughout the five-county Southern California area and reaches over half a million readers.

To visit the beta site click here.