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Pilot Project to Provide Comparative Shipping Costs

Hotship.com, a new online package delivery company, said it has launched a pilot program to provide pricing options for a variety of levels of courier service from "an extensive pool" of established package delivery companies.

Membership in hotship.com is open to e-commerce consumers, traditional consumers as well as businesses.

Overnight pricing is available throughout Canada and from Canada to the United States. A full range of local shipping options including direct (one hour), rush (four hour) and same-day (eight hour) express pricing is currently limited to the pilot market, the greater Toronto area.

By keying in a zip or postal code, the destination zip or postal code and weight of a package, hotship.com said it will provide the lowest cost pricing from its extensive real-time database of shipping partners.

The overnight price may come from FedEx, the three-day price from UPS and the one-hour price from a local courier -- all branded as hotship.com services.

"Hotship.com will provide the lowest prices from a variety of shippers for any available level of service from one single site," said Jeff Grist, president of Hot Ship Inc.

Hotship.com said it will eventually be able to coordinate the pick-up and delivery of packages, provide all of the information for duties and tariffs for international shipments and explain the legalities surrounding the importation of restricted articles.

"Right now, there is not much flexibility in the back end of an e-commerce transaction. You get slow, slower and slowest," said Grist. "With hotship.com end users will get more choice, retailers will have happier customers and couriers will have fewer empty vans. And, the host company won't have to worry about delivery of their transactions."