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RealNames, MP3.com Team On Keyword Technology

RealNames Tuesday sealed a promotion and marketing agreement with MP3.com to use a custom Internet Keyword implementation that will make MP3.com the destination for anyone searching for MP3 files and specific artists or music types.

MP3.com is also the first search result returned on several popular Internet search engines when similar 'MP3' queries are entered. MP3, a compression format that stores audio files on a computer, is currently a popular search word in many Internet search engines.

"RealNames provides a quick and easy way for Internet users to arrive at the specifically named destination of their choice," said Michael Robertson, chairman and chief executive officer of MP3.com. "Internet Keywords will allow MP3.com visitors to find their favorite artists, songs, concerts and other information simply by typing `MP3' and an artist's name or music genre."

Internet Keywords for large, highly dynamic Web databases such as MP3.com are designed to allow Internet users to quickly and easily navigate to the exact Web location they are seeking without typing www's or dot-coms. For example, users can type in "MP3" and a genre such as "jazz" or an artist's name such as "Alanis Morrisette" to arrive at a specific Web page.

In addition to simplifying the user's search process, the arrangement between MP3.com and RealNames will give all registered MP3.com artists a free MP3.com (MPPP) Internet Keyword to support their promotional efforts. Internet Keywords are enabled by the RealNames platform. This platform is a layer of Internet infrastructure that is designed to facilitate navigation in multiple languages from any location on the Internet. This platform is currently available to many Internet users as a result of being integrated into popular browsers, search engines, directories and portals.

"By giving the MP3.com community fast and easy access to the most popular music site on the Web, RealNames both enhances users' experience and helps MP3.com promote its artists," said Keith Teare, president and CEO of RealNames. "Internet Keywords allow music enthusiasts to find the Web sites they want quickly, without having to know the www or dot-com address or sift through pages of search results."