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eCongo.com Launches Free Turnkey E-commerce Service

eCongo.com Inc. launched its free, turnkey eCongo FreeCommerce service, aimed at small businesses and Web entrepreneurs.

eCongo FreeCommerce integrates six components required to successfully conduct business online into a single, Web-based service managed by eCongo.com.

"To date, e-commerce sites have been costly and complicated to implement," said Rick Asturias, CEO of eCongo.com.

"Small businesses simply don't have the resources or the technical expertise to manage a complex e-commerce site. eCongo.com levels the playing field by offering a free, easy-to-use e-commerce service allowing everyone to participate in the new Internet economy."

The solution includes a Web store builder and administrator, multiple integrated payment methods, Web customer service, shipping and delivery management and advertising and promotion services.

The service also includes membership in a network where eCongo.com merchants can trade advertising, share ideas and network with other Web business owners.

Merchants can select a unique eCongo.com URL (www.yourname.econgo.com) free of charge, or use a personal URL (www.yourname.com).

eCongo.com merchants receive 20 percent of the advertising slots on their site to control or trade with other merchants.

eCongo apparently will sell the remaining 80 percent. eCongo.com stores will be submitted to popular, free Internet search engines.

eCongo also offers a managed e-commerce solution as an OEM co-branded service for Internet Service Providers, portals and other online businesses.