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Streambox Unveils Format Converter

Streambox Inc. recently released Streambox Ripper, a utility that converts MP3, Real Audio/G2, and CDs to Microsoft Windows Media Audio.

Streambox Ripper's decoding technology allows users of Windows Media to perform batch conversions of Real Audio and MP3 content into the WMA format, while preserving superior sound quality.

"Now with Streambox's new solution there is a much easier way to batch convert your music collections into Windows Media," said Steve Sklepowich, product manager, Streaming Media Division, Microsoft Corp. (MSFT)

"This is a great example of how third-party software developers are taking advantage of the increasing popularity and rapid user growth of Windows Media."

According to a recent study by Internet measurement firm Media Metrix, an estimated 4 million people in the United States listened to digital music during June. That's up from an estimated few hundred thousand less than a year ago, and promises to keep growing as use of the Internet explodes.

Streambox.com has cataloged over one million audio files that can be converted, which can be found at its Web site.

"Streambox Ripper will help add to the rapidly growing Windows Media content on the Internet by allowing the existing library of music, audiobooks, talk radio and other recordings in other formats to be easily converted to Windows Media," said Bob Hildeman, Chairman and CEO of Streambox Inc. "Until Streambox Ripper, audio aficionados had no way to easily convert large amounts of content in other formats to Windows Media. Now your whole collection and any new content you find can be converted to Windows Media.

This will help customers save disk space, essentially doubling the music storage on their portable devices, while not sacrificing the CD-quality sound they expect from digital audio."