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Pop2it.com Offers Purchases at Point-of-Interest

A start-up called Pop2it.com is launching what it calls a new form of embedded e-commerce that "transforms any content or community site into an immediate, gratifying, and unobtrusive point-of-purchase opportunity."

The company said its proprietary Pop-In technology, scheduled for launch Nov. 1, creates and integrates product-specific windows called "Shoplets" into the editorial content of Web pages, enabling consumers to buy in context as they acquire knowledge and information about the subject at hand.

Shoplets open only at the user's command and each Shoplet maintains the look and feel of its respective content site and ensures the user stays within the original content or community area, the company said.

Shoplets will serve as a new channel of market access, brand building, and purchasing influence for online marketers and merchants, the company said.

Placement will more effectively utilize online marketing resources and dollars, bringing greater accountability and performance-based measurement to the process of influencing consumer purchasing patterns, the company said.

Pop2it, which is lining up partner sites, takes care of all the back end credit card secure payments and transaction data.

Trans Cosmos USA Inc. is the lead investor in the start-up. The company is headed by headed by S. Sriram, president and CEO.