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MP3.com Marshalls New Music Army

MP3.com Tuesday launched its New Music Army, a grassroots approach to promote the music of emerging MP3.com artists through the Web.

The New Music Army incorporates elements of an online street team, an affiliate program and viral marketing into an innovative program that gives members the opportunity to become online music managers, build their own record labels and start web-based businesses.

Adding to the program is that members have an active financial stake in their efforts. NMA members assume the role of online music managers by signing up artists to MP3.com's (MPPP) non-exclusive artist agreement, posting their music to the MP3.com Web site and creating Digital Automatic Music CDs through MP3.com's automated CD system. While MP3.com manufactures and ships the CDs, tracks sales, and provides members with the data necessary to monitor their band's success, the artist receives 50% of the revenue and the NMA promoter earns 5 percent.

New NMA members receive instructional materials and community feedback on the best ways to market and promote "their" bands. As they become true "viral" marketing experts, NMA members can build their own roster of bands and create their own "virtual record labels." Using the Internet in combination with the tools and services provided by MP3.com, members can also develop their own "virtual businesses" designed to service the MP3.com artist community and give fans more control over the music that is heard.

"The New Music Army is the next step in the evolution of web-based grass- roots marketing," said Michael Robertson, chairman and chief executive officer of MP3.com. "The NMA gives music fans and future entrepreneurs the tools they need to actively support their favorite artists and make some money in a business they develop online."