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WorldNet Offers E-Commerce Application to Members

The AT&T WorldNet Service launched SecureBuy Basic, a new e-commerce feature designed to give members the ability to create a fully functional online store using templates.

The service is available free to all AT&T WorldNet members.

"We're opening the online global marketplace to home businesses," said Ed Plaskon, AT&T WorldNet Service product director. "Now regardless of the size or location of your business, it can have a world wide presence."

Every online store can offer up to 25 products and/or services (including photos) and comes complete with a shopping cart that visitors can use to hold their purchases, AT&T said.

PWP SecureBuy Basic provides the ability to securely receive credit card information. Functions such as authorization and verification of credit cards and addresses must be done through a business's normal processing channels.

SecureBuy Basic helps home businesses create their own storefront, set up a bookkeeping system, promote the store, close for vacation and designate a vanity URL. Storeowners may test all the functionality of their site before they open for business - both from an owner's and customer's perspective.

"We've made operating a home business online as easy as 1-2-3," said Plaskon. "Our members can use their electronic storefront to sell everything from wedding gowns to homemade potato chips."

Plaskon said about 3,500 micro-merchants have already listed their home businesses with thousands of other member pages in AT&T WorldNet's Community Port, an online meeting place.

Community Port links members' personal Web pages to the sites of other members who share similar interests, allowing home businesses to connect with a targeted audience. AT&T WorldNetService serves 1.8 million consumer members.