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INTERVU Launches Audio/Video Conference Solution

INTERVU Wednesday announced the INTERVU Conference family of Internet conference casting solutions.

The INTERVU Conference family is a set of solutions designed for service bureaus that incorporates live audio and video streaming services into their traditional conference call offerings in a fully automated fashion. The new solutions will be commercially available in January.

Part of INTERVU's family of Web-based business communications tools, this new set of solutions offer a highly scalable, carrier-class Internet conference casting solution with a rich user experience at a cost significantly lower than traditional conference calls.

The use of INTERVU Conference enables service bureaus to leverage the power of the Internet, INTERVU's patented distributed network, and INTERVU's Netpodium technology by offering a combination of streaming media, interactive text messaging and other dynamic functionalities. These new solutions are an enhancement to INTERVU's existing Internet conference casting services the company is currently providing to companies in the online investor relations space.

"Nine percent of U.S. organizations are using streaming media on their Web sites for varied applications and another 20% expect to do so by 2000. The integration of streaming media into traditional conference calls is clearly a high-growth area as businesses look to minimize expenses while expanding the reach of a conference call," said Sujata Ramnarayan of Dataquest/Gartner Group.

The INTERVU (ITVU) Conference family of services is based on an automated solution that captures the signal from a telephone or videoconference call and delivers it over INTERVU's patented, distributed network. From the INTERVU Network, the call is then streamed to the participants through a INTERVU generated Web site branded in the service bureau's name.

These solutions are provisioned through a real-time, Web-based reservation system. Users also have the ability to load content, set security, view reports and monitor events from their own secure Web page in real time. In addition, customer conferences can be automatically recorded and archived for on demand use and rebroadcast.