RealTime IT News, Bookstore Settle Suit Thursday settled an eight-month legal dispute with woman-oriented bookstore Amazon Bookstore Cooperative.

In the settlement, both (AMZN) and Amazon Bookstore Cooperative will work together on steps to ensure that the public does not confuse the two companies there will not be any confusion among the public about the association of the two companies.

The bookstore will now refer to itself by its full legal name of Amazon Bookstore Cooperative. Under the terms of the settlement, Amazon Bookstore Cooperative will assign its common law rights in the Amazon name to In turn, will then give a license back to Amazon Bookstore Cooperative for use of the Amazon name. can be found at Amazon Bookstore Cooperative's site is

"Now we can return to focusing on providing the products and services that only an independent bookstore like ours can provide," said Barb Wieser, president of Amazon Bookstore Cooperative.

A lawsuit over the use of the Amazon name was filed by Amazon Bookstore Cooperative against the leading online retailer on April 7 and was due for trial next year. With the settlement, the lawsuit will be dismissed. settled a lawsuit with Wal-Mart last April. Wal-Mart had alleged Amazon unfairly recruited top technology executives from the superstore and stole trade secrets.

"This settlement allows an important, independent bookstore that has been a part of the strong tradition of independent bookstores in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul for the past 30 years to continue serving the local community and beyond using a name that is well known," said Bill Curry, spokesman.