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BizRate.com Adds 1,200 Merchants to Program in Six Months

E-commerce ratings site BizRate.com said it has added 1,200 merchant sites in the past six months and now has exclusive real-time access to more than 60 percent of all customers making online retail transactions.

This brings the total number of companies agreeing to participate in BizRate.com's continuous customer-rating program to more than 2,200 online stores.

The company reports a growth rate of better than 50 percent during the past six months.

To maintain impartiality in its ratings, BizRate.com does not charge online merchants for evaluations.

To participate, merchants simply allow BizRate.com to solicit feedback from all customers who make a purchase at their site. BizRate.com solicits feedback twice, once at the point-of-sale, and again after the expected date of fulfillment.

Feedback covers 10 service attributes: ease of ordering, product selection, product information, product prices, Web site navigation, on-time delivery, product representation, level and quality of customer support, posted privacy policies, and product shipping and handling.