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e-Gain Delivers New Commerce Platform

eGain Communications delivered the eGain Commerce 2000 Platform, which integrates eGain's suite of e-commerce customer communication solutions -- eGain Live, eGain Mail and eGain Campaign, an outbound marketing system due for release in early 2000.

The eGain Commerce 2000 Platform provides service, sales and marketing departments with a 360-degree view of all customer communications, the company said.

Whether using eGain Mail to respond to an e-mail or using eGain Live to work in real-time with a customer over the Internet, customer representatives will be able to get a unified view or "memory" of every interaction with that customer.

"The aim of this new platform is to solve the No. 1 complaint of online consumers -- slow (or no) answers to customer inquiries," said Ashutosh Roy, CEO of eGain.

"Our new Commerce 2000 Platform is integrated with a common set of components, which makes it easy for our customers to add other eGain applications when they're needed."

eGain's solutions are available through the eGain Hosted Network or through customer site deployment.

eGain also launched an updated eGain Live 3.0, which gives e-commerce companies a real-time solution by giving customer representatives the information they need to help the customer complete a transaction.

Customers are routed to the right customer representative according to their product interest, the Web page they are on, their geographical region and other criteria selected by the company.

As soon as a customer contact is made, a customer representative has a complete view of all of the customer's prior real-time sessions, e-mails and transactions.

The eGain Commerce Bridge can seamlessly integrate transaction data from third-party vendors. Using a variety of tools (browser sharing, forms synchronization, text chat, voice-over-IP and Web call-back technologies) company representatives can assist online customers with product specifications, pricing information and order forms in real time.