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Chase Manhattan, Launch Credit Card

The Chase Manhattan Bank and e-commerce company Inc. launched a Chase-issued MasterCard available at both sites.

The card rewards online shoppers with a 5 percent Click Cash Rebate. To receive the rebate, shoppers must make their online purchases in the Products, Gifts or Brands areas of (Purchases made through the Stores area of the site do not qualify for the rebate.)

There is no annual fee on the Standard and Platinum MasterCard from Chase. The Platinum co-branded card features an introductory fixed APR of 3.99 percent, a fixed rate of 9.99 percent after the first five months and a credit line of up to $50,000.

The Standard co-branded credit card features an introductory fixed APR of 3.99 percent, with a fixed rate of 11.99 percent after the first five months.

Chase provides an Online Security Guarantee -- cardmembers who make purchases at the site will not be held liable for any online purchases made if their cards are used without their authorization.

"The MasterCard from Chase is a natural extension of the ShopNow Network as it offers customers and businesses value and security," said Dwayne Walker, president and chief executive officer of