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Precise Software Delivers Swift-e for E-Business

Precise Software Solutions Inc. delivered Swift-e, a product that provides a proactive performance management software solution for Oracle-based e-business environments.

The company said Swift-e continuously captures and analyzes even sub-second e-business transactions without adding overhead to the system, detecting and resolving the root cause of performance bottlenecks.

Swift-e correlates metrics from critical system components and stores this information in the Precise Performance Warehouse. As a result, Swift-e can proactively assess historic resource consumption, analyze performance trends, pinpoint issues, and help plan for future system and capacity requirements, the company said.

Once it detects a potential bottleneck, Swift-e drills-down to pinpoint the exact cause of performance problems, such as poorly designed SQL statements, programs, database objects, or system resource bottlenecks.

Next, it enables tuning of SQL statements and/or database objects and models alternative solutions, and analyzes the impact of the database changes before implementing them in the production environment.

"Precise is introducing the first Web application performance solution that enables e-business to detect, find and fix performance problems before they impact the users and unlike other solutions in the market place, it does not add overhead to the environment," said Shimon Alon, Precise's president and CEO.