RealTime IT News, Freei.Net Combine Forces and Freei.Net Tuesday sealed a two-year strategic relationship that will combine Internet access with the popular MP3 music format. will offer Freei.Net's unlimited Internet access, Web browsing and email capabilities to its users and Freei.Net will actively promote's artists and their music. Additionally, participated in Freei.Net's recently completed Series B Preferred Stock financing.

As part of the cross-promotional relationship, will have a continuous link on the welcome screen of Freei.Net's software interface, giving Freei.Net subscribers access to's catalog of free, downloadable music. Music from's top 10 music genres will also be included in Freei.Net's registration survey, bringing added exposure to's many emerging artists. In addition, Freei.Net will promote its services through various advertising efforts on the web site,'s "103 Best Songs" compilation CD, and upcoming concert tours.

"The explosive growth of Freei.Net makes it a powerful vehicle to deliver our music," said Michael Robertson, chairman and chief executive officer of (MPPP). "As a result of our new relationship, artists are gaining added exposure and will continue to appear on more and more consumer desktops."

"This affiliation is a win-win situation for millions of consumers," said Bob McCausland, president and chief executive officer of Freei.Net. "Not only can they download music for free, but they can also access the Internet for free at the same time. When two Internet innovators like Freei.Net and join forces, everyone benefits."