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BT, VeriSign Partner for Digital Certificate Services

British Telecommunications plc (BT) and VeriSign announced today they will collaborate to deliver digital certificate services for secure Internet access and electronic commerce solutions.

BT plans to provide digital certificate services in the spring of this year as part of its electronic commerce offerings, and allow users to send and receive digitally signed and encrypted e-mail.

In conjunction with VeriSign, BT will deliver digital certification services to a customer base that includes financial services, healthcare, membership organizations, corporate intranet users, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and online services.

The companies report they will also create a certification authority in the UK to authenticate customers, and issue and manage digital certificates. According to BT, it will be the first European company to sell digital certificates bearing the BT and VeriSign brands compatible with the VeriSign Trust Network (VTN), an interoperable digital certificate infrastructure.

"BT's introduction of these advanced services will help bring credibility to the emerging e-commerce market and give customers and suppliers greater confidence in conducting business electronically," said Simon Champion, BT's Head of Electronic Commerce.

"The agreement between BT and VeriSign combines BT's strong UK presence, routes to market and network security expertise with VeriSign's technical expertise and in-depth knowledge of digital certificate operating procedures and processes required for these services."