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C2Net Software Signs Three Overseas Banks

C2Net Software Inc. said it has deployed its cryptography products in three international banking applications in Germany, Italy and the Australia/New Zealand area.

CommerzBank in Germany, Verona Bank in Italy, and Australia and New Zealand Bank Group Pty Ltd all are using C2Net products in order to secure their customers' banking transactions.

Bank customers are using C2Net's SafePassage Web Proxy in order to securely connect to the Stronghold Web Server or the Stronghold Crypto Engine running on the banks' servers. Using the secure link to their bank, customers can transfer funds, make payments, and check account balances without fear that an economic terrorist or other interloper will be able to rob them, the company said.

Said Steve Cook, vice president of sales & marketing for C2Net Software: "Using C2Net products which are developed outside the U.S., these banks are making it clear to the world that it is possible to deploy secure applications internationally despite U.S. government export restrictions on such technology."

C2Net's SafePassage Web Proxy product upgrades the security of any SSL-capable Web browser, even those that are encryption-crippled as required for export from the U.S. By acting as a proxy on the user's personal computer, SafePassage Web Proxy, not the browser itself, makes the actual connection to the remote web server.

The company said that through its international offshore development programs, all C2Net products are exempt from U.S. government export restrictions, allowing the company to offer uncrippled, strong cryptography solutions to customers worldwide.