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CertCo Delivers CA Solution, Signs First Client

New York City-based CertCo said its new CertAuthority Solution certification technology has been adopted by Digital Signature Trust Co., a subsidiary of Zions First National Bank in Utah.

DST, the first Certification Authority (CA) licensed to do business in Utah, exemplifies a new model for global electronic commerce in which banks other third parties become the providers of digital certification services, CertCo said. Financial details were not disclosed.

At the same time, CertCo introduced the CertAuthority Solution, a CA product suite consisting of the Root CertAuthority and the Commerce CertAuthority. A CA issues digital certificates that bind identity or other information to an electronic key used to encrypt and sign digital information.

CertCo also said that it has received U.S. government approval for worldwide export of the CertAuthority Solution to banks, other financial institutions, multinational corporations, and telecommunications organizations

CertCo LLC was founded to enable banks and other financial institutions as well as government agencies and corporations to provide a trustworthy infrastructure capable of supporting large-scale, international, secure electronic commerce. CertCo was spun out of Bankers Trust.