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Spinner.com Launches Download And Playlist-To-Go

America Online's Spinner.com Wednesday launched a new Music Download Service, including the Playlist-To-Go feature, offering access to music downloads.

Spinner's Playlist-To-Go is a way for consumers to grow their music collections, listen to music, or get new music for their portable music devices.

The new service highlights free downloads of songs, organizes them by genre into playlists, and updates them daily. Registered Spinner users will be able to customize the playlists, conveniently download and play the music, and save up to ten songs.

In addition to Playlist-To-Go, Spinner.com is also adding daily download links to its offering. Here, users can access frequently updated lists of free downloadable music available in their favorite musical genres. Spinner will also provide information on the artists featured on these links.

Spinner's Music Download Service also offers a custom Music Download Player created by Nullsoft. Playlist-To-Go downloads are guaranteed to play on most portable MP3 players.