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WebMachines To Include MP3 and Near Broadcast Video

WebMachines said it was adding both MP3 and MPEG capabilities to its iaWare set of software and services.

Developed in-house by WebMachines' team of embedded systems software experts, these new customized media players are the latest enhancements to iaWare -- WebMachines' own thin client/server software solution for Internet appliances.

"We believe Digital Media is the next driver of the Internet, as witnessed right now with the popularity of existing streaming media products," said Company founder and CEO John DiPippo.

"By incorporating new thin client media players for these well-recognized formats we ensure our customers access to the rich content they will require."

"Developing true thin client media players delivering high quality sound and video required a novel approach," said company CTO Dr. Vic Fay-Wolfe, "Our expertise in providing a robust Internet experience in a constrained embedded environment, without adding hardware or increasing our memory footprint, made this possible."

Both the MP3 and MPEG players are software-driven. The MPEG player will display near-broadcast quality video on any existing CRT monitor or active matrix flat-panel display.

These players are the latest of several media enhancements planned for iaWare. The company has plans to incorporate the RealNetworks G2 streaming media product in future versions of iaWare early next year.