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Bloomingdale's Launches In-Store 'eOSKs'

Bloomingdale's has launched in-store virtual shopping counters called eOSKs, claiming to be the first major retailer in the country to launch a true "click and mortar" retail channel.

Designed, developed and installed by e-commerce player eOSK.com, the eOSKs "specifically cater to the discriminating Bloomingdale's clientele," the company said.

An eOSK is an interactive terminal with rich multimedia technology that provides public access to electronic commerce, dynamic advertising and interactive promotions.

The e-commerce-enabled eOSK is to take a customer through the process of selection of a particular product and then close a sale by providing payment options.

Though the primary focus is on sale transactions, an eOSK also provides a platform for full-motion, interactive advertising and promotion backed with animation and sound.

"With eOSKs, we are enhancing the in-store experience by adding interactivity and expanding geographies to extend the 59th Street flagship experience to other locations. Shopping at eOSKs will add more ways for customers to interact with Bloomingdale's," said Susan Harvey, a Bloomie's vice president.

The three Bloomingdale's stores in New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles will have a total of 12 eOSKs.

Through eOSKs, customers in other Bloomingdale's stores will be able to experience the ambiance, products and atmosphere at Bloomingdale's flagship store at 59th St. and Lexington Avenue.

"We are confident that eOSKs will add a new dimension to the shopper's experience at Bloomingdale's and will further consolidate the Bloomingdale's position of that of the world's most innovative retailer," said Michael Trent Thompson, president and CEO of eOSK.com.

Each eOSK at Bloomingdale's will act as a stand alone retail store, offering gift suggestions for purchasing both in-store or online.

They feature the entire Bloomingdale's Holiday catalog, showcase the 59th Street holiday windows and Santa Claus. Interactive content includes a millennium contest, and the ability to send e-mail holiday and Santa postcards.

Bloomingdale's, a division of Federated Department Stores operates 23 stores in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Illinois, Minnesota, Florida and California.

eOSK.com is developing a private network of e-commerce kiosks (eOSK) to be located in traditional retail locations and non-retail locations like college campuses, hotels and resorts, airports, office buildings and sports and entertainment venues.