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LiQ.com Launches Site for "Social Shopping"

Consumer portal LiQ.com (pronounced "like you") launched with a new chat and shop technology, a new concept in e-commerce that it calls "social shopping."

LiQ.com technology allows customers to shop together online. Customers can bring items into private chatrooms to show and discuss with friends, choosing among more than four million products from over 400 merchants.

This patent-pending Shop & Chat feature is especially helpful for people buying gifts together for relatives or mutual friends, the company said.

"Our mission is to enhance the online shopping and gift-giving experience by bringing people together," said Abbas Shah, chairman and CEO of LiQ Inc.

"We've developed cutting-edge technology to let customers collaborate securely with family or friends in online buying decisions."

The technology allows shoppers to chat online with each other while displaying the same product simultaneously on their respective Web browsers, complete with pictures and detailed product information.

Any of the people participating in a particular Shop & Chat room can bring products in for others to see, and can purchase any products brought into that room.

LiQ.com also features intelligent search capabilities and a user-friendly "everything-on-one-page" interface. Plans for the site include live shopping advice from experts, group-buying discounts, gift services, and the development of "shopping communities."