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iCanBuy and MainXChange Partner

"Cashless" commerce and teen investing site MainXchange.com and iCanBuy.com, an Internet shopping and money management site for teens and kids, signed a partnership agreement.

MainXChange will provide a direct link to a co-branded, private-label network built and maintained by iCanBuy.com, allowing teens to create an iCanBuy account.

In addition to offering MainXChange teens the opportunity to participate in traditional e-commerce, the partnership will also allow them to save money at iCanBuy's banking partner, Security First Network Bank.

Financial arrangements were not disclosed.

"We're pleased to enable MainXChange members to shop safely and under parental supervision with iCanBuy.com," said MainXChange CEO Clay Stobaugh.

"iCanBuy.com's system gives young people great experience handling real money, which is a natural complement to MainXChange's approach of enabling teens to earn and invest with virtual currency that can be used to purchase real products."

iCanBuy was founded in May 1998, to create an online tool for young people to manage their money wisely in a safe and parent-approved environment.

iCanBuy.com enables young people to shop at top Internet retailers, build a WishList of gift items, bank and donate online -- with a parental approval system to promote learning and safety MainXchange.com markets to financially savvy 13 to 24 year-olds now coming of age on the Internet.

MainXChange teens gain valuable experience with money earning it, investing it and spending it -- within a fun, safe and rewarding environment where virtual currency buys real, brand-name products.