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CyberSource Delivers Sm@rtCert

CyberSource, a provider of electronic commerce services for digital products, rolled out Sm@rtCert, a next generation rights validation and secure delivery technology.

The SmartCert client application features intelligent certificates that enable end users to access specific rights associated with the certificate, the company said.

These rights may include downloading digital content, such as software, stock photography, or pay-per-view services. SmartCert provides a secure way to validate rights and provide secure access to online software and content, eliminating the arcane, support-intensive technologies that have plagued Web-based downloads, the company said.

"Online merchants and buyers today are looking for a better way to deliver and purchase digital content," said John Pettitt, chief technology officer at CyberSource. "Not only does Sm@rtCert offer a superior alternative to the convoluted methods used today, but also it is consistent with CyberSource's commitment to foster the growth of secure, electronic delivery of software and other digital products via the Internet."

Each SmartCert can display a host of marketing materials, such as data sheets, promotional offers, URLs or money-back electronic coupons, the company said.

When software or content is purchased on a Web site, a thin SmartCert client is delivered to the end user's desktop. When the customer clicks the download button the SmartCert technology takes over. If a line drop occurs, SmartCert will re-establish the connection at the point of interruption and not restart the download at the beginning. Each Sm@rtCert is validated by CyberSource and access is permitted, eliminating the need to cut-and-paste digital keys or remember passwords.

Corporate customers pay an initial Sm@rtCert registration fee of $99. A minimal transaction fee will be applied for certificate issuance and validation. In addition, San Jose, CA-based CyberSource plans to license the technology to others wishing to incorporate SmartCert technology.

The product was shown at the Demo '98 conference in Palm Desert, CA this week.