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Firefly Ships 3.1 Family of Products

Firefly Network, Inc. announced today the release of its 3.1 suite of products designed for businesses delivering personalized and privacy-protected e-commerce solutions.

The 3.1 product family, which features Firefly Passport, Firefly Passport Office, and Firefly Catalog Navigator, is targeted at companies looking to develop networked relationships with affiliates and customers, while ensuring the privacy of all those involved, Firefly said.

The Cambridge, MA-based company reports that networked affiliated sites will be connected via its LDAP-directory server that features built-in privacy controls and permissions.

The Firefly 3.1 products can also be integrated with reporting tools such as Microsoft Usage Analyst 2.0, advertising tools including Accipiter AdManager 2.0 and NetGravity AdServer 3.0, and personal communication tools such as ichat ROOMS 3.0.

"With increased competition for customers on the Internet, businesses are aggressively looking toward affiliated partners, suppliers and resellers to drive online profits, leverage mutual customer relationships and achieve a greater return on investments," said Ben Bassi, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Firefly.

"Using Firefly's 3.1 product family, businesses can take advantage of a unique platform for developing networked relationships with their business affiliates and individuals, while protecting people's privacy and that of other businesses."

The capabilities of the 3.1 product line are currently being showcased at a Firefly-enabled demo site.