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Prospera Launches Web-Based EDI Solution

Philadelphia-based Prospera, an international developer of e-commerce solutions, rolled out "ezitrade," a new product designed to make it easier and cheaper to conduct business over the Internet.

The product offers users the benefits of traditional EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) software, without steep up-front costs or learning curves, the company said.

ezitrade is designed to help small- to medium-sized businesses trade with partners who require that standard business documents be sent electronically. Many large corporations are now realizing significant savings by using EDI, and either require their trading partners to be "EDI-compliant" or charge a hefty fee for each paper transaction.

ezitrade requires no upfront software investment; it resides on Prospera's servers and is accessed over the Internet. When a business signs up for ezitrade, Prospera provides electronic forms according to the specific EDI standards required by the user's trading partner(s). After that, users simply connect to ezitrade, on an as-needed basis, to send and receive purchase orders, invoices, or other standard EDI transactions.

The product translates each document into the correct EDI format for that trading partner, delivers it, and returns a confirmation notice to the user.

Pricing information was not disclosed.