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Internet Tradeline Launches E-Commerce Network

Internet Tradeline, a New York-based provider of e-commerce solutions for small- and medium-sized businesses, launched the eTower Network.

The solution is designed to organize the company's growing number of individual eTowers into a group of inter-related Internet business communities.

An eTower is essentially a "Virtual Office Tower," where large numbers of commerce sites, and/or existing company Web sites are aggregated into a single location on the Internet. Each business is easily located using the eTower Commerce Directory, which is customized for each community and provides direct links to the sites of all participating businesses.

All eTower commerce capabilities are delivered on a "service" basis with easy to use browser interfaces, the company said.

The network is currently comprised of World Trade Exchange (WTE), the company's global sourcing directory with more than 20,000 listed companies, and five additional eTower business communities representing over 50,000 targeted participants.

WTE will be repositioned as the flagship site within the eTower Network and serve as a central point of access to all company profile information generated through each eTower Commerce Directory.

Lenny Khutorsky, president and chief technology officer of ITI, said: "We have invested well over three years in the development of our advanced technology platform, database applications, and exclusive eFactory production process for mass-customization of Commerce Site solutions. Our eTower sponsors/partners can tap these powerful capabilities at a fraction of what it would cost to start from scratch, and quickly drive substantial new revenue streams."

Existing eTower communities include: Sourcing Trade Show, Westchester eTower, KTA Online, Daily Board and PharmeTower.

Each eTower offers community members access to a portfolio of Internet commerce solutions, ranging from simple links to the Commerce Directory to advanced commerce-enabled electronic catalogs.