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Internet VISA Card Debuts

The Internet Access Financial Corporation (IAFC) launched today NextCard VISA, billing it as the "first true Internet VISA."

NextCard, which comes with an "100% Safe Internet Purchase Guarantee," offers instant credit card approval online using Rapid Results, the company's proprietary online application process.

San Francisco-based IAFC, in conjunction with Heritage Bank of Commerce of San Jose, CA, developed the card to be a pure Internet product, incorporating security software and encryption technology for safe online transactions.

Cardholders can check account balances, as well as download and receive statements, transfer balances, access available credit, and manage their account. In the future, customers will be able to pay their credit card bills online, have cash deposited directly into their checking accounts, and receive online shopping discounts and digital coupons.

"By taking advantage of the power of the Internet, NextCard is changing the face of the financial landscape in a powerful, consumer-driven manner," said Jeremy Lent, CEO and founder of NextCard.

"Consumers can now use a credit card that they help design according to their individual needs, giving them unmatched convenience and buying power through innovative technology, financial expertise and transaction security."