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DynamicWeb Enterprises Offers EDI Year 2000 Solution

DynamicWeb Enterprises Inc., a developer of Internet and EDI electronic commerce business solutions, released new, Year 2000 compliant data formats for the company's e-commerce managed services suite, EDIxchange.

The release of the Fairfield, NJ-based company's new data formats precedes the implementation date of the ANSI X12 EDI standards, Version 4010, which also will support Year 2000 requirements.

"Given the pressures of making core systems Year 2000-compliant, DynamicWeb's positioning as an outsourcer is very attractive with the Year 2000 Sword of Damocles poised over many organizations," said David Alschuler, director of electronic commerce research for the Aberdeen Group.

"Aberdeen believes that many organizations will need to outsource specialized applications which compete for limited internal resources. The skills required to make these capabilities function are limited or non-existent in most companies."

EDIxchange's e-commerce managed services are designed to help businesses replace paper procurement processes with a faster electronic process that costs less than an in-house EDI system.

DynamicWeb's services manage the EC requirements of the supply chain allowing both the buyer and supplier to electronically trade business documents using their own data formats and preferred delivery method--including Value-Added Networks (VANs), the Internet, or custom networks.

"Since the latest available EDI X12 implementation is not Year 2000 compliant, every single EDI pipe currently using this standard is not yet Year 2000 compliant," said Jim Conners, President and Chief Operating Officer of DynamicWeb Enterprises.

"By incorporating these new data formats in our services now, DynamicWeb is able to offer businesses a method for upgrading their EDI pipes to be Year 2000 compliant without waiting for the implementation of 4010 EDI standards."