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Open Market Delivers Transact 4

Open Market Inc. introduced this week Transact 4, a new release of its e-commerce solution for transaction processing, order management, and customer service software originally introduced in 1995.

Transact provides the commercial backbone for some of the highest profile sites on the Web, including SegaSoft's Heat.net and Time Inc.'s Pathfinder, among others. AT&T, France Telecom, West Group, ICOMS, Swiss PTT, and ECNet are among the companies participating in the Transact 4 beta test program.

"Transact 4 is the culmination of a four-year mission at Open Market to address the business operations side of Internet commerce with a comprehensive enterprise application software product," said Gary Eichhorn, president and CEO.

Transact offers buyer authentication, payment, order processing, tax and shipment cost calculation, fulfillment, buyer self-service, customer service, reporting, profiling, and analysis.

Transact 4 re-engineers, simplifies, and speeds up the Internet commerce order flow, the company said. It introduces a new screen management framework called Smart Pages to support improved buyer flow, screen branding, and multi-language buyer screens (English, French, German, and Japanese initially, although Transact 4 can support most major languages).

A new payment API enables numerous new payment modules, including prepay and postpay microtransactions, credit card fraud, switch cards (a payment card popular in the UK and Europe), and SET.

In addition Transact already supports credit cards, store-branded cards, debit cards, procurement cards, purchase orders, coupons, and subscriptions. The software is also configured so that it can support bank cards, remote billing interfaces, custom purchase orders, frequent buyer points, smart cards, and other new payment processing interfaces as they arise.

The fulfillment system in Transact 4 supports sellers handling back-order and partial fulfillment and partial credit situations.

Additional one-to-one marketing capabilities have been added to Transact 4 through two new features, the company said. First, the fulfillment API has been improved to allow sellers to access the purchase history of a given buyer. Second, expanded reporting capabilities enable more sophisticated personalized marketing.

Transact 4 runs on UNIX platforms, including Sun Solaris, HP-UX, SGI IRIX, and Stratus, all with support for both Oracle and Sybase databases. Pricing starts at $125,000 in the U.S.