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HP Granted Strong Cryptography Export License

Hewlett-Packard reported today it received approval from the U.S. government to export strong cryptographic technology used for the secure transmission of sensitive files and other content.

HP was granted exportation rights for VerSecure, 128-bit and triple-DES encryption technology used in encrypting data such as financial transactions, blueprints, digital signatures, medical and legal records, telecommunications billing, business-to-business communication, consumer credit information, and private messages.

The license covers exportation of the product to the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Denmark, and Australia. The license will be expanded to include additional countries in upcoming months.

"HP is supportive of the administration's efforts to strike a fair balance between the sometimes-competing interests of law enforcement/national security and the legitimate commercial need for strong cryptography," said William A. Reinsch, Undersecretary of Commerce.

"VerSecure technology promises to make great strides in bridging the gap between law enforcement and commercial interests that are affected by government cryptography policy."

In related news, HP reports it will work with IBM to integrate IBM's KeyWorks key-recovery technology with VerSecure. The companies will also collaborate on developing other cryptographic hardware products.

"We think working together to leverage the strengths of both companies in this important area will lead to greater use of security software and hardware worldwide," said Lewis E. Platt, HP chairman, president and chief executive officer of HP.