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Dotzoo.com Launches 'Shopping Enhancement Site'

Internet startup Dotzoo.com launched a shopping enhancement site called Dotdeals.com, which will provide information on discounts, coupons, special offers, rebates, deals and sales at merchants both online and off.

The company said the site "is positioned to cater to prudent shoppers, who now seek the best information available using the Internet."

"Since the advancement of online retailing, traditional retail stores have had to take a back-seat to all the exciting action," said Sarv M. Luthra, president of Dotzoo.com.

"Our site gives the brick and mortar stores an equal footing with the online retailers in promoting their prices and services to online consumers. The launching of Dotdeals.com signifies our commitment to bridging the gap between the real world and the Internet for our customers."

Dotdeals.com is aimed at allowing an average customer to make an informed choice of which avenue best suits their shopping requirements, by browsing through coupons, rebates and discounts.

Dotzoo.com helps companies design interactive marketing solutions and is in the process of creating and launching several of its own consumer oriented online products.