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Insight Web Site Offering Electronic Software Delivery

Direct marketer Insight in Tempe, AZ, a subsidiary of Insight Enterprises Inc., is now offering software for trial and sale via Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) at its e-commerce site.

Using ESD, customers can download and purchase software from the site for immediate use. The use of ESD is growing according to a recent Forrester Research study reporting that about a third of IT managers in Fortune 1000 firms expect to acquire more than half of their software electronically by 1999.

Insight.com said it currently offers about 200 software titles through ESD, including some not available through traditional distribution channels.

The featured software is divided into categories in a special "Software Download" area of www.insight.com. Included in the Business section, for example, in the featured sub-category of tax preparation, are popular products such as Tax Cut tax preparation packages for federal and state returns. When a customer downloads these titles from Insight.com, they can be immediately installed and used, saving time and shipping charges. The process is managed through an agreement with TestDrive.

Insight, a direct marketer of computers, hardware, and software, carries more than 17,000 software titles offered at discount prices through its Software Cellar area.