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ViaWeb Offers One-Click Web Store Builder

Online store software developer Viaweb Inc. delivered Viaweb Store 4.1, a browser-based site builder that features one-click design.

The new version is designed to let users change the graphic design of a site or the layout of a page with one button click, allowing novice users to create branded online stores with advanced graphic design, the company said.

"Viaweb has always been the easiest e-commerce tool available," said Viaweb President Paul Graham. "Now with version 4.1 a total novice can make a great site. Version 4.1 does everything for you except write the copy."

The Look Tool, new in 4.1, lets users choose from 14 pre-defined graphic looks. But users are not limited to this set. The pre-defined looks can be modified and combined, yielding thousands of possible looks.

The Layout Tool, also new in 4.1, lets users reorganize a whole page with one click. This new tool-based approach is more powerful than designs based on "templates," because it lets users change aspects of the design individually, Viaweb said.

Version 4.1 also features a new batch interface for sites that need to process high volume online credit card authorizations.

Viaweb Store 4.1 is available immediately; merchants pay a single flat fee of $100 a month for a store with up to 50 items, $300 a month for a store with up to 1,000 items, and $100 a month for each additional 1,000 items.