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IBM Enhances Network Services, Simplifies Storefront Creation

Building on its rapidly expanding portfolio of e-business solutions, IBM Global Services announced a suite of new and enhanced managed network services.

They include a new component that provides customers with the business tools, interfaces, and services to create an online storefront, manage orders, and process credit cards on an e-commerce Web site hosted by IBM.

Also announced were:

  • New "dedicated" and "dedicated high performance" components for IBM Content Hosting Services that include industry standard server environments, additional configuration scalability, and many optional features.
  • IBM Universal Messaging Services, a new offering designed to help customers link dissimilar e-mail systems.
  • Enhancements to remote access components of IBM Managed Data Network Services, including adoption of the V.90 international standard for dial speeds up to 56 Kbps over the IBM Global Network.

"The announcements are part of our continuing effort to help customers maximize their efficiency and reach new markets through e-business," said Garth Issett, General Manager, Network Services, IBM Global Services, Canada.

"These services will also make it easier for organizations to implement successful Internet strategies, conduct business over their Web site, and utilize e-mail to connect with employees and trading partners, regardless of their location."