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Report: 41 Percent Jump in E-Commerce Traffic Since Thanksgiving

Traffic to e-commerce sites increased 41 percent during the week ending Dec. 12 over Thanksgiving week (ending Nov. 28), according to new figures from Web measurement firm Media Metrix.

Traffic to e-commerce sites increased by two percent from the week ending Dec. 5. "We are seeing a more steady increase in visitors to e-commerce sites as Christmas draws near," said Mary Ann Packo, president and chief operating officer of Media Metrix.

"While traffic increased 41 percent last week compared to the week of Thanksgiving, we've only seen marginal growth from last week to this week.

Year to year growth remains high, with most of the top e-commerce sites increasing significantly year-over-year."

Amazon.com and eBay were the top two e-commerce sites for the week ending Dec. 12, followed by eToys, Buy.com and barnesandnoble.com.

Toysrus.com was sixth, followed by CDNow, Travelocity, egreetings.com and KbKids.com. Amazon.com scored 7 million unique visitors, according to Media Metrix.

Three brand-name sites in the brick-and-mortar world, EddieBauer.com, VictoriasSecret.com and Bestbuy.com, joined the ranks of "Top Gainers" for the week. Other sites to debut among the Gainers this holiday season include Toysmart.com, Ticketmaster and Dell.com.

KbKids.com and eToys.com have enjoyed a Top Gainer's position for three weeks running; and Overstock.com and Shopping.com have garnered a spot on the list for two consecutive weeks.

"Not only has this been a banner season for toy sites and brick-and-mortar sites, we've also seen E-commerce enablers, sites that drive traffic to e-commerce sites, such as Mysimon.com and Dash.com grow significantly," Packo said.