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YourAccounts.com Develops EBPP Solution for FedEx

Internet billing and statement presentment company YourAccounts.com said that Federal Express Corp. signed to use its business-to-business solution.

FedEx Invoice Online allows business customers to review and schedule payment of FedEx invoices via the Internet, eliminating the paperwork while providing flexibility and a greater degree of control over the bill payment process. FedEx is integrating payment, reporting and customer self-service through the customized service.

"We chose YourAccounts.com to assist us in developing FedEx Invoice Online because of its record and experience in implementing Internet billing solutions," said Mark Dickens, vice president of Electronic Commerce and Customer Services for FedEx.

Financial arrangements were not disclosed.

YourAccounts.com said its customer self-service feature reduces the cost of the customer support resources needed to manage payment and dispute calls, which are common in the B2B sector.

When a customer disputes a line item, the disputed item is automatically sent through a resolution process so that the remaining portion of the bill may be recalculated and redelivered online.

Partial payment management enables non-disputed amounts to be received without incurring the delay of the entire invoice.

YourAccounts.com supports EDI payment transactions and can accommodate multiple data formats. The company is the e-commerce division of Output Technology Solutions, a provider of statements and other customer communication documents.

YourAccounts.com also markets business-to-consumer (B2C) solutions in market segments including telecommunications, video services, mutual fund, brokerage, banking, insurance, shipping, and other industries.