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ICC Launches Web-Based B-to-B Commerce Service

Internet Commerce Corp. (ICC), a subsidiary of Infosafe Systems Inc., launched CommerceSense, a new Internet-based electronic commerce/electronic data interchange (EC/EDI) system for corporations and their trading partners.

The company said it has entered into agreements with its first three CommerceSense customers ("hub" companies), two of which are Fortune 1000 companies. (They were not identified.)

As part of the CommerceSense system solution, ICC assists in all aspects of implementing the Internet-based service and manages the hub companies' connections to their trading partners.

CommerceSense is designed to provide an alternative to Value Added Networks (VAN's) for companies using traditional EDI and new e-commerce participants.

CommerceSense offers such services as full encryption, authentication, non- repudiation, archiving, and reporting. By connecting suppliers through the Internet, ICC's system eliminates the requirement for EDI translator software, and makes electronic trading affordable to companies of all sizes, the company said. CommerceSense can be accessed using a standard Web browser.

Pricing details were not disclosed.