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NRI Completes $1.5 Million Software License Pact With XL Vision

The National Registry Inc. said it signed a $1.5 million software licensing agreement for its biometric software suite with XL Vision Inc.

XL Vision is a Safeguard Scientifics partnership company and founder of Who? Vision Systems Inc., a provider of fingerprint authentication devices for corporate and consumer markets.

Under the terms of the agreement, XL Vision has agreed to purchase, through a prepaid license fee, non-exclusive licenses to certain NRI software products, including the recently announced Human Authentication Application Program Interface (HA-API) for enterprise and electronic commerce applications.

NRI received $750,000 through the date of signing of the agreement and is scheduled to receive the balance on or before April 20.

"NRI's open standards strategy for biometric software is paying off," said John Gustafson, CEO of NRI. "We are pleased to be announcing both our largest licensing deal to date and a relationship with the XL Vision family of companies."

"Combining the NRI biometric software suites with Who? Vision's pioneering finger imaging algorithms and scanning technology creates one of the most comprehensive and cost effective biometric authentication product offerings in the market today," said Alex Dickinson, CEO of Who? Vision Systems.

Irvine, CA-based Who? Vision Systems is a personal identification company that applies proprietary imaging technologies to create cost-effective fingerprint authentication products.

NRI's NRIdentity Secure Authentication Facility software suite delivers secure access control to a range of software platforms and network applications, including Microsoft Windows NT and Internet Information Server, and Computer Associates Unicenter TNG and its Single Sign-On option.