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DHL Will Use Syntra E-Commerce Fulfillment Services

DHL Airways Inc., the U.S. arm of the DHL Worldwide Express delivery network, signed with e-commerce management solutions firm Syntra to leverage the latter's Internet-based transaction services.

The agreement addresses the issue of calculating the true cost of delivering goods internationally. Financial arrangements were not disclosed.

DHL, which has an estimated 40 percent market share of international express traffic, will use Syntra's Landed Cost Engine, becoming "the first and only global carrier with the ability to quote, in real time, the actual cost of an international shipment," the company said.

"Syntra is a key enabler of DHL's global strategy to continue to dominate its market with an unmatched global network supported by the finest information technology available," said Mike Comstock, senior vice president of e-commerce and planning at DHL Airways.

"Syntra's GLS.com engines are a vanguard solution for global commerce management that will help us deliver value both externally to our customers, who depend on our services as the lifeline of their businesses, and internally to our staff to compress and simplify complex business processes resulting from international shipments."

Syntra's Landed Cost Engine calculates the tariffs, duties, and other additive charges associated with international shipments in real time over the Internet on a transaction-by-transaction basis.

The Landed Cost Engine can be integrated with customer e-commerce and legacy applications, as well as customer-facing systems such as DHL's on-line manifesting solutions.

Every country has a unique set of tariffs, duties, classification codes and restrictions associated with the shipment of goods.

The Syntra application views an order from as many as 23 different government imposed additive cost perspectives.