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Keynote Delivers Two New Performance Measurement Apps

Web performance measurement firm Keynote delivered MyKeynote, a customizable portal-style interface for viewing the performance status of Web sites.

The company also launched Consumer Perspective, a new measurement service that provides e-commerce sites with information about how Internet users "at home" experience the performance of their Web sites and those of their competitors.

MyKeynote is a next-generation online interface for displaying and analyzing data from Keynote's Perspective and the new Consumer Perspective.

The new Consumer Perspective service collects detailed performance measurement data over 56-Kbps dial-up connections, DSL and cable modems.

Consumer Perspective gives e-businesses never-before-available data and analysis into the real-world performance of Web sites over what has come to be known as the "last mile," the company said.

The new service will be marketed to Internet portal sites, large online vendors of consumer software and electronics, online auction and media companies, e-tailers, search engine companies, download sites and Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

In order to assess and improve quality of service for dial-up users, Keynote customers can compare Keynote Perspective measurements from its global network of measurement computers to uncover network problems, and the dial-up measurements from Consumer Perspective to fine-tune or calibrate the design of their site for maximum performance.

The new MyKeynote automatically generates and displays information and graphs, giving Web administrators advanced capabilities for isolating problems and simplifying analysis of performance problems.

MyKeynote provides a customizable summary of the performance of the most-important URLs being measured by Keynote Perspective, with graphs that are created automatically.

From MyKeynote's Diagnostics Center, users can run performance diagnostics at Keynote's multiple measurement computers around the world.

Site performance from any measurement location can also be viewed instantly in real time from an Instant Perspective window.

"Measuring and understanding site performance has become one of the Web administrator's most critical responsibilities," said Umang Gupta, chairman and CEO of Keynote.

"The ability to maintain acceptable performance levels and resolve problems quickly has become an e-business mandate. Web administrators need to respond to executive inquiries about site status. MyKeynote provides a window into the performance of a site, in order to meet e-business goals and to successfully conduct e-commerce on the World Wide Web."

MyKeynote is available at no extra charge to all Keynote subscribers. Visitors to the web site at my.keynote.com can immediately try MyKeynote at no charge to view and analyze performance data from several popular Web sites.

Keynote Consumer Perspective subscribers can choose from three subscription Options, starting at $495 per month per URL.