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Ironside Unveils "Open For E-Business" Web Site

Toronto-based Ironside Technologies, a supplier of business-to-business electronic commerce solutions, launched a new Web site designed to help customers with Ironside Powered systems install, implement, and roll out their new offerings.

The new "Open for E-Business" site offers step-by-step guidelines for both technical implementation and customer rollout, covering topics ranging from establishing an implementation team, performing a requirements analysis, and testing the system to defining rollout customers, offering customer incentives and analyzing the success of the effort.

The site lists options and recommends strategies, such as beginning an implementation with a control group rather than conducting a simultaneous rollout with all customers.

The technical implementation segment includes a project management template, sample network architecture diagrams, a white paper on Internet security, a list of required hardware and software components, and sample main menu designs.

"Our Open for E-Business site is a working document our customers can use to help structure their implementation and customer rollout. This will maximize the return on their e-commerce investment," said Derek Smyth, vice president of marketing and business development at Ironside.

Ironside develops and sells Ironside Powered business-to-business electronic commerce solutions allowing distributors and manufacturers to conduct business over the Internet in real time. Users can place orders and make inquiries online with full access to current pricing and inventory information.