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Programmer's Paradise Rolls Out B-to- E-Commerce Software

Programmer's Paradise Inc. launched a new business-to-business electronic commerce solution called ISP* eCOS (Electronic Commerce Ordering System).

The solution was developed by Shrewsbury, NJ-based Programmer's Paradise's subsidiary ISP*D International Software Partners.

ISP* eCOS offers a product database with multimedia capabilities that can be accessed via any conventional browser, giving the actual end-user instant information on products, including price and availability, the company said.

Electronic purchase requests are automatically routed through a company's authorization process into its own legacy system, where the purchase orders are generated and sent to suppliers, either electronically or via fax.

ISP* eCOS offers not only the standard EDIFACT interface, but it can also be programmed to interface directly with legacy solutions like SAP, BAAN, and Peoplesoft.

"We have estimated that ISP* eCOS can save a corporation up to 50% of its costs for gathering product information, processing a purchase request and tracking the order status, as well as large savings when requisitioning consumables, software, hardware and other low cost items needed to run the day-to-day business," said Peter Lorenz, executive vice president-European operations of Programmer's Paradise.

"ISP* eCOS has been tailored to support the purchasing manager unlike other e-commerce packages that are supplier-oriented."

Pricing details were not disclosed.