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Rbid.com Adds 24 New Shopping Sites

E-commerce company Rbid.com added 24 new shopping sites and merchants to its Rmall online shopping site, bringing the total to more than 200 shopping and service opportunities.

Rbid.com also signed to become an affiliate with the FindWhat.com Network, a new search engine offering solutions both to consumers trying to quickly access specific information, and to advertisers seeking to be found among the increasing clutter of results on other search engines.

Findwhat.com will pay Rbid.com a 3-cent fee per search conducted through its search engine.

Rbid.com, which also has a deal with Lycos, said it anticipates entering into similar search fee arrangements with other search engines and portals in order add additional profit centers.

Rbid.com's site features online auctions, an online-shopping mall, R-mall; classified advertising sites such as R-freeAds, R-homeGuide and R-autoMall; its R-store Web-store developer engines; and its R-surf Internet services such as chat, free e-mail, and a search portal search page -- all under the R-world umbrella of products and services.