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CyberCash Launches CashRegister 3 Service

CyberCash rolled out the next generation of its electronic commerce payment services, called CashRegister 3.

The new service is designed to make electronic commerce more convenient and provide greater ease of use for merchants and billers accepting payments on the Internet, the company said.

"The Internet is moving more merchants towards a straightforward, simple way of doing business online," said Maureen Loftus, executive vice president for merchant services at CyberCash. "The CashRegister 3 architecture offers merchants an easy way to accept multiple payments so they can continue doing business as usual and concentrate on their own business."

The CashRegister 3 Service enables merchants to accept payment options including payment cards (SSL and SET), electronic cash, and PayNow electronic checks.

CyberCash said it will take over responsibility for a number of components of the payment process. CashRegister 3 will connect a merchant's software to the CyberCash Payment Service, which essentially redistributes the payment application allowing merchants to install a small piece of code, called the Merchant Connection Kit (MCK), and connect to the CashRegister Service.

The bulk of the payment code now resides on CyberCash servers. CashRegister 3 will encapsulate payment tasks and administration formally undertaken by the merchants and technical partners.

The scalable service will allow for automatic upgrades, eliminating the learning curve for each new version of the CashRegister Service, CyberCash said.

CashRegister 3 will be available in April in the United States. Pricing was not disclosed.