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Mytec Says Biometric Security Product Now Entrust-Ready

Toronto-based Mytec Technologies Inc., a biometric security solutions company, said its biometric finger imaging product, Touchstone, is now Entrust-Ready and has joined the Entrust Partner Program, qualifying Mytec for a number of sales, marketing, communications, and training benefits with Entrust Technologies.

"This program will allow Mytec access to new customer contacts, awareness generation to the Entrust international sales force, Entrust training courses for technical certification, and a number of other benefits that will provide us with the tools we need to be successful," said Thomas A. Grecco, president and CEO.

Brian O'Higgins, executive vice president and chief technology officer at Entrust Technologies, said the company created the partnership program to allow companies like Mytec to expand their business by combining their expertise and best-in-class technology with Entrust's Certification Authority and key management products.

Entrust software products have been licensed for a variety of applications such as e-mail, e-forms, remote access, SET, VPNs, single sign-on, secure Internet sessions, and electronic commerce.

Touchstone is a self-contained biometric security device that uses finger pattern information to replace the use of passwords. Touchstone's identity authentication process does not involve storing of the user's fingerprint image. Instead, the finger pattern information is used only to generate a template called a Bioscrypt that cannot be reverse engineered to produce an image of the original fingerprint, the company said.