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CommerceNet to Offer E-Commerce XML Registry Service

CommerceNet in Palo alto, CA, an international electronic commerce consortium, said it will soon be offering a new electronic commerce Registry Service.

The initial objective is to develop a robust set of services to accelerate the adoption of XML-based electronic commerce, the organization said. The service will then be expanded to include other e-commerce content, for example interoperability specifications.

CommerceNet said the registry will provide easy and open posting of content, integrity checks to assure accuracy during posting as well as downloading, quality analysis and categorization to assure consistency, relevance, and to identify overlapping content, assured availability and searching of all content, and notification services to ensure that users of the content remain informed of new and related updated content.

The process will allow anyone to submit e-commerce XML DTDs with immediate availability to anyone who wants access, CommerceNet said. The quality analysis will be provided by a panel of industry experts. This service will be critical to companies wanting to take full advantage of XML in e-commerce, the company said.

"XML will have a dramatic impact on the future development and growth of electronic commerce," said Randall Whiting, president and CEO of CommerceNet. He said that XML will have a broader impact than many people anticipate and will enable a new level of interoperability between applications, companies and industries.

As a nonprofit consortium, CommerceNet said it is ideally suited to provide the impartial hosting that the XML registry requires. It is in discussion with a number of members who are major forces in electronic commerce to offer this service.

CommerceNet is now recruiting three levels of company participation for the development and operation of the service: strategic development partners, contributing partners, and sponsoring partners. CommerceNet hopes to closely coordinate its registry services with the efforts of the many XML-specific organizations.