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OrderTrust, Catalog City to Offer New Sales Channel

OrderTrust and Catalog City said the two companies will provide catalogers with the ability to sell products from the Catalog City Web site, which currently publishes more than 2,000 catalogs.

Catalog City will create the Web storefront and interactive marketing programs, while Lowell, MA-based OrderTrust will enable electronic commerce activities by connecting merchants to the Catalog City site and managing all order processing.

Financial arrangements were not disclosed.

Catalogers will be able to begin selling products on the Catalog City site by mid-summer, the companies said.

Catalog City is developing a variety of consumer programs for the Web Site that will be supported by OrderTrust, including: personal gift shopping, gift registry, e-mail order status, loyalty rewards, and a "remind me" push system that will allow customers to mark items for later purchase, then be reminded by e-mail with a hyperlink to the catalog page.

Consumers will be able to browse and purchase from any number of catalogs using a single virtual shopping cart. Catalog City in Mountain View, CA said it anticipates more than 400 catalogers to be offering products for purchase on the Catalog City site by fall 1998.

"Our long-term vision is to make every product on every page of every catalog available for purchase through our site," said Lee Lorenzen, president and CEO of Catalog City. "In order to create a shopping site of this magnitude, we have to make sure that our electronic commerce capabilities, and level of customer service, are second to none. That is why we are partnering with OrderTrust."

OrderTrust provides integration with suppliers and distributors, enabling merchants to manage their business across multiple company boundaries, monitor vendor performance, and provide the highest level of customer service. Other customers include SkyMall Inc. and 1-800-FLOWERS Inc.